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Trivia Thursdays - Win a copy of Zenobia - Challenging a Legend, a YA Historical Adventure

FREE sample chapters are available on our website. This month(Sept 2014) only we are giving away a FREE copy of book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend just for answering some trivia questions. Are you up for the challenge?

Read Zenobia - Challenging a Legend sample chapters to find the answers to our trivia questions, every Thursday through the month of September.

The sample chapters for Zenobia - Challenging a Legend can be found here:

Last weeks trivia question: (expired 9/11/2014 but you still have a chance below)

Cam, Zenobia, Salim, and Shanzar go on a hunting trip, what famous landmark could Zenobia see at the first part of her trip as they travel eastward into the delta region of the Nile River?

The answer:

The four Syrians made their way eastward into the delta region of the Nile River. Cam explained that he had heard of an excellent hunting area there, and he wanted to see for himself. Zenobia was excited to be in the chase with three of her favorite warriors.

For the first half of their journey, whenever they crested a small rise, she could see the Pharos, the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, in the distance. Much of the time, however, they were in thickets twice as tall as a man, with very limited visibility. She tried to plot their approximate route by the sun, since there were no mountains or high reference points other than the occasional glimpses of the lighthouse.


The Alexandria lighthoue is one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Next weeks Trivia Question:

Zenobia discusses with Jasmine about commandeering a ship. Why does Zenobia want to capture this ship?

Respond before September 18th 2014.

How to win: Send your answer via email to before the next Trivia Thursday when the correct answer is given. Answer one of the trivia questions correct in the month of September and we'll send you a copy of book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend for FREE! (You can only win one copy. We'll send your free copy as soon as book two is released.)

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