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Last chance to win a FREE copy of Zenobia - Challenging a Legend, book two in the Zenobia book serie

FREE sample chapters are available on our website. This month only we are giving away a FREE copy of book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend just for answering some trivia questions. Are you up for the challenge?

Read Zenobia - Challenging a Legend sample chapters to find the answers to our trivia questions, every Thursday through the month of September.

Sample chapters are found on our sample chapter page

Last weeks trivia question:

Zenobia discusses with Jasmine about commandeering a ship. Why does Zenobia want to capture this ship?


“The enemy has a ship carrying kidnapped young girls who are to be sold as slaves.” She paused to read Jasmine’s expression and was gratified to see the older woman’s eyes flash with anger. She continued simply, “I want to take it!”

This trivia question is about Zenobia commandeering a ship, which is in honor of Talk like a pirate day tomorrow.


Next week trivia Question:

Tyrianna and Patricia have escaped from the sex-slave trade and are wandering through the Egyptian desert and run into a pack of jackals. How many jackals?


Respond before September 25th 2014.

How to win: Send your answer via email to before the next Trivia Thursday when the correct answer is given. Answer one of the trivia questions correct in the month of September and we'll send you a copy of book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend for FREE! (You can only win one copy. We'll send your free copy as soon as book two is released.)

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