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Superheroes of Trivia! Did you win a FREE book of Zenobia - Challenging a Legend? Book two in our YA

FREE sample chapters are available on our website.

Sample chapters are found at the Sample Chapters tab.

Last weeks trivia question:

Tyrianna and Patricia have escaped from the sex-slave trade and are wandering through the Egyptian desert and run into a pack of jackals. How many jackals?


They made the top of the hill, but soon a pair of glowing eyes appeared. Tyrianna cursed. More eyes joined the first pair. “What are we going to do?” Patricia asked in desperation.

“First, we are going to think.” She considered their choices. “Fortunately, there are only seven of them. I will need to kill one.”

Great job! Hopefully you're a superhero of trivia and you answered all three trivia questions correctly. If you emailed us a correct answer to at least one of the trivia questions you'll be hearing from us soon as we'll need your shipping address in order to send you your FREE copy of Zenobia - Challenging a Legend as soon as it's available. Congratulations!

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