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Who is Zenobia? Meet our main character in the Young Adult Historical Adventure series

(This actress captures the determination of Zenobia. )

Here's a little bio about the character Zenobia :

Zenobia – Born in the Syrian desert; Educated in Alexandria, Egypt.

Physical description: eyes were captivating almost like they sparkled, strikingly beautiful, black long hair to the middle of her back, soft brown skin appeared flawless.

Multi-national- Ptolemaic, Grecian, Egyptian, Arabic.

Traits: strong love of justice, analytical mind, impetuous, doesn’t like jewelry, prefers weapons to materialistic things, critical thinker, military and political genius, scheming, calculating, deadliest woman who ever lived.

More to come on other great characters that make up this extrodinary series. Not only will you be entertained by this historical adventure but Russ Wallace introduces you to a real historical person. Who so far has been lost in history. I believe since it's the victors who write the history books that Rome didn't want the story of Zenobia to be told. They certainly didn't want it to be known how close she came to overthrowing the great empire. Zenobia is the greatest female in history that you have never heard of. It is time to change that.

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