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Zenobia’s mother saves her life

Zenobia's mother not only saved her life but she inspired Zenobia to become a warrior and a queen who fights for justice.

In book one, Zenobia - Birth of a Legend, at the beginning we learn how Zenobia's mother presents her baby girl as a boy to save her life. A decree by the sheik regarding all baby girls to be killed all because they were not useful to the tribe. Can you imagine being raised in such an environment? Read book one to witness the strength and ability Zenobia has to overcome these obstacles.

Zenobia never runs away from a challenge and it will become her lifelong goal to fight against the injustices of the world.

In book two, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend the education Zenobia receives in Egypt is not always in the classroom. As a mother, Zelina is afraid of where these lessons may lead her daughter. Read an excerpt from book two where Zenobia tells her mother how her example has taught her to love justice:

“You had to defend me from the morals of our tribe to save my life. In my view, you are the most courageously righteous person I have ever known.” Zenobia was silent briefly, then she added, “I get my love of justice from you. I hope I can live up to your example."

Zelina could not hold back her tears and she was too choked up to reply.

Zenobia continued, “Therefore, I respect your words, as I respect your person. But do not worry about me being influenced by Roman or Greek ideology. I am committed to my course.”

In Zenobia - Challenging a Legend, Zenobia experiences some heart-wrenching incidents, forever altering her path. She doesn’t let these hardships break her. As you read the Zenobia Book Series you'll learn how these occurrences and the example of her mother will mold Zenobia into the powerful warrior and dedicated queen she will become.

Zenobia lives by this motto:

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