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Take the Better Bag Challenge for one year. Save our oceans.

I took the Better Bag Challenge. Plastic trash is choking our ocean, and 80% of it comes from land. We can do better!

The challenge: promise not to take any disposable plastic bags for a whole year. Take a better bag instead!

World Oceans day was earlier this week. Everyday should be World Oceans Day. (And Earth Day for that matter.) The theme for this year is Healthy oceans, healthy planet.

This week we spent some time at the Secret Garden which has a dolphin habitat. I've really enjoyed learning more about dolphins and what amazing creatures they are. They were celebrating World Oceans Day and had lots of great information on how we can help save our oceans. At the underwater viewing area I read letters from 4th grade students about the issues on plastic and how it hurts our ocean life. What a great idea to start teaching our children now to make this world a better place. If you're ever in Vegas I highly recommend the Secret Garden at the Mirage.

I'm a turtle enthusiast too.

(I took this picture at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay)

I hope everyone takes this Plastic Bag Challenge and we can help save our friends in the ocean.

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