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Support Women in Film. Vote for your favorite Twilightstories now!

Calling all Twilight Fans

Have you heard? New Twilight films are available to obsess over and watch online.

Stephenie Meyer had a contest using her beloved characters from the Twilight Saga. The goal was to find new and talented women in the movie industry. It started with fans voting on which characters most interested them. Alice was an obvious favorite. The next stage of the contest was for screenwriters to write about those characters. The judges read through lots of entries and picked out their favorites. (Mine didn't make the cut.) The fans then were able to vote from those chosen. The next step the directors gave a pitch on why they should be the one to make winning scripts into short films. Once the judges picked the directors they started filming. Now it's time for YOU to vote.

Jason and I had a special screening on our own since we couldn't go to LA last Monday. We loved the movies and were impressed with the screenwriter's stories and how the directors brought them to life.

We voted ...

Our favorite was TURNCOATS

Support Women in Film and vote for your favorite now!

You can view the films on Facebook at:

Some lucky fans were able to visit the sets during filming. Watch the behind the scenes here:

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