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Zenobia Book Series will be an epic movie - Zenobia the Warrior Queen

We plan on turning the Zenobia Book Series into an epic movie. It has all the elemants to make a blockbuster franchise. Here's a few of the highlights.

*To see our full cast visit Zenobia Book Series Cast.

Meet our hero Zenobia

In Zenobia - Birth of a Legend, Zenobia is raised as a boy to stay alive. When her gender is revealed she saves the life of her mother and herself by proving she is skilled with her bow and arrow.

Zenobia is trained as a warrior, which is unheard of in her Syrian tribe. She wants to prove that a woman is just as useful as a man.

Meet friend and fellow warrior Salim

location, location, location

Tadmor (modern day Palmyra, Syria) is a thriving desert oasis

Zenobia travels to Alexandria, Egypt to further her education. On her way she is attacked by bandits. In an exciting desert battle Zenobia makes a mistake that almost cost her her life. Our hero is not perfect but she will learn from her mistakes.

Zenobia and her caravan visit the pyramids while traveling through Egypt

Once in Alexandria they explore the extraordinary library and lighthouse. Not only will the Zenobia Book Series delight adventure seekers but history buffs will visit ancient wonders of the world.

Of course in any epic movie the ending will keep you on the edge of your seat. Zenobia enters the Alexandria horse race with her beautiful black horse and certain men don't like the idea of a girl racing. They'll do WHATEVER it takes to stop her.

As the first movie wraps up you'll be left with two intriguing scenes. The attractive professor can’t keep his eyes off Zenobia.

In a dark corner of Alexandria, evil men are planning revenge against Zenobia. Meet the bad guys for the next movie.

Alim Hasshel Ahab Hasshel


In Zenobia - Challenging a Legend, the saga continues. While Zenobia and her professor are getting acquainted a scheme to kidnap Zenobia into a sex-slave trade is being planned. In this next movie there will be adventure, revenge, an epic desert horse chase and piracy.

Here's a few of my favorite picks for cast members in the next movie

Meet our Pirates

Ahmal, Caras, Gabal, Zedras Hakim Lemuel

Hakim in Zenobia - Challenging a Legend

Zenobia will not be the only strong heroic woman you'll be rooting for in Zenobia - Challenging a Legend

Meet our damsels in distress but can kick a little butt on their own

Tyriana Patricia Taluria

Patricia in Zenobia Book Series part two

Get to know all these characters by reading

and COMING SOON book two, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend

Check out our full dream cast page- Zenobia Book Series Cast

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