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'Queen Zenobia's Last Look Upon Palmyra'

There’s been a lot of talk about Queen Zenobia lately. I wish it was under better circumstances. Zenobia was powerful and deadly and one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. So why are we just hearing about her now? Unfortuantly, it's because of the destruction of ancient buildings. I'm sadden to see history destroyed. I'm also heartbroken to hear about the suffering of Zenobia's people.

'Queen Zenobia's Last Look Upon Palmyra' by Herbert Schmalz

In book two, ZENOBIA - CHALLENGING A LEGEND, Zenobia faces off with a corrupt organization kidnapping young women into a sex - slave trade. The Roman officials look the other way in order to prosper. Even though this is a work of fiction by author Russ Wallace, some of the injustices Zenobia battles against may not be to far off.

"In a region once ruled by a strong-willed queen, women who don’t bend to ISIS’s narrow beliefs may be sold into sex slavery."

The many articles about Zenobia explain how her story has been covered up for years. But no more, her story is being spread worldwide.

A warrior queen of the Middle East who almost brought the Roman Empire to its knees represented everything that Isis is not in her once-glorious reign.

"She took on the might of Rome, the world's greatest empire, and nearly succeeded in creating a breakaway state." The warrior queen was born in Palmyra, a Roman province in the third-century centred on the city of the same name - the one which Isis militants have been blowing up throughout August for its supposedly idolatrous buildings.

Zenobia took the throne and led her army to conquer parts of Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt and build up the Palmyrene Empire –

This was unheard of for women of her day and demonstrated Zenobia's strong relationships with military and business leaders at the time, experts told the Huffington Post."

The headline of this article below caught my attention.

Want to Annoy ISIS? Learn About This Awesome Ancient Queen.

"I think Zenobia was a great woman leader in the region and throughout history -- people do not really remember her or know much about her," said Al-Suwaij, a prominent advocate for gender equity whose organization runs centers for conflict resolution and protecting vulnerable individuals..."

It is time to learn about Zenobia!

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