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Zenobia commandeers a ship in Zenobia - Challenging a Legend. Guess what we did?

Okay, we didn't do anything as drastic as commendeer the ship but we did cruise the Western Caribbean on the Caribbean Princess.

We had lots of fun playing and seeing the sights.

Jason and Russ

Ruth and Russ at the Mayan ruins in Costa Maya

(Jason in the background taking pictures of a howling monkey)

Jason and Julie on top of the Mayan ruins in Belize

Julie and Russ

Russ and Jason on top of the MayanTemple in Belize

Ruth at the bottom of the ruins

Julie, Jason, and Russ climbing the Mayan ruins

A "Little" game of chess in Roatan

Jason, Ruth, and Russ on the pier in Roatan

A nice dinner with the Zenobia crew and friends

Don't worry, It wasn't all play. Russ continued writing book 3 in the Zenobia Book Series. And Jason and I talked to readers about Zenobia.

We even gave out copies of both books to the Princess bookclub readers. We hope to make some new Zenobia Fans. We can't wait to hear what they think of Zenobia and her incredible story.

Exciting news! Historical Novel Society reviewed Zenobia - Challenging a Legend and said, "narrated by Wallace with enormous spirit and a very sharp ear for dialogue.This second novel is fuller and more pleasingly complex than the first, bursting with engaging secondary characters and the believable deepening of Zenobia’s personality.I very much look forward to further novels in this series."

To read the full review please visit our review page.


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