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Book Blitz Party success!

Loving the Book

We had fun with our Book Blitz Party for Zenobia Book Series. We highly recommend LOVING THE BOOK for all your marketing needs! We've used them twice now and have been very happy with the results. We'll continue to use them for all our future marketing events. Check them out at: ​

Winners for the Amazon Gift Cards are... (Drum-roll Please)

Amanda Daggett

Nikolina Vukelić

Amber Marie Goss

Ariel Yearwood

Congratulations and Thanks for participating in our Zenobia Book Blitz party.

Zenobia's story is amazing and her fight for justice will inspire you.

Did you download the FREE ebook on Amazon while it was available?

If not, don't worry both books in the Zenobia Book Series are at a low low price for a limited time.

If you've read Zenobia - Birth of a Legend and/or Zenobia - Challenging a Legend Please share your review on Amazon and goodreads.

Thank you!

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