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San Diego Comiccon and NERDHQ 2016

Once again we look on from afar at Comic-con and Nerd HQ weekend. I did get to wait in the Comic-con waiting room for possible tickets but I didn't get picked for the Comic-con lottery...

Why does the Zenobia Book Series want to attend Comic-con and NERDHQ?

First of all, we love superheroes. Like everyone else we enjoy watching S.H.I.E.L.D. ,AVENGERS, Firefly, etc.

Joss Whedon magic

Pretty much we love all things Joss Whedon.

We'd be like kids in a candy store meeting our heroes. But the main reason why we'd want to go is to see if the Zenobia Book Series can find a fan base in the superhero world. We'd love to rub shoulders with people in the biz. We're always looking for who might find the Zenobia project interesting. We believe Zenobia makes a great superhero. As people read the Zenobia Book Series they always mention how it will make a great film. We agree.

Why would Zenobia, a 3rd century Warrior Queen, be a great superhero?


  • Some superheroes posses no superhuman powers but have mastered skills such as martial arts and forensic sciences to a highly remarkable degree. Having a power or special ability is always a plus and/or having lots of awesome gadgets.

Katrina Law

Zenobia trains as a warrior in Zenobia – Birth of a

Legend and becomes deadly with her bow and arrow and

extremely skilled with a sword.

  • A secret identity protects the superhero’s friends and family from becoming targets of his or her enemies.

Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman

  • A distinctive costume is often used to conceal the secret identity.

Zenobia disguised as a temptress

In Zenobia – Challenging a Legend, Zenobia disguises

herself to get up close and personal with her enemies.

  • A strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward.


  • Motivation can be a sense of responsibility, a formal calling, or a strong belief in justice and humanitarian service.

Superman and Batman

  • You need a great back-story explaining the circumstances by which the acquired ability as well as motivation for becoming a superhero.

young Zenobia masquerades as a boy

Zenobia should've been put to death at birth just

because she was a girl. She's raised pretending to be a

boy. This gives her plenty of motivation to prove a girl

can be just as useful as a man.

  • Superheroes show us how to stand up for JUSTICE.

Zenobia a Warrior Queen

A true historical figure from 3rd century, a Syrian Warrior Queen who conquered Egypt and led her army against Rome.

Zenobia is a great example of what a real superhero is and

the world needs to learn about her amazing story.

Every year I wish I was at Comiccon and NerdHQ. Thank goodness for the internet it can almost feel like I'm there. Of course I'll try again next year to be there in person. Here's my post from last year wishing I was there:

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