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Zenobia Book Series 3 Tuesday Teaser

Jasmine in Zenobia Book Series

Our Tuesday Teaser is Zenobia visiting her friends Jasmine and Asher in Tadmor. She has a special job she can only trust them with.

“When my mother, uncle, and I traveled to Egypt a year ago, we were ambushed on the way. Our attackers knew who mother and I were, wife and daughter of a wealthy sheik, and they planned to kidnap us and hold us for ransom.

“Most of the tribe did not know that mother and I would be with the caravan. Yet someone sold that information to bandits. I want to know who, why, and how – especially who. I will pay you well if you uncover that information.”

“We will help, of course,” Asher replied.

“However,” Jasmine added, “these matters can take a long time, even years, to expose. Are you a patient person?”

“No,” Zenobia answered, “but I do need greater self control, so I suppose the wait will be good practice.”

Jasmine chuckled. “I suspect you will be working on that all of your life! Start by listing your known enemies.”

Zenobia told them the basic account of her youth, including her masquerade as a boy and discovery. She explained, “At the time, two of the tribal elders thought mother and I should both be put to death for the deception. They were overruled by the majority. I rarely saw them, so I have no idea if they have any animosity toward us.”

“Since Mother was the principal wife, some of the other wives were jealous of her. I later overheard that a few had hoped she would be executed.” She gave several names. “Do you want these written down?”

“Definitely not!” Jasmine replied. “One never knows who might find the list and figure out our goal. I will remember the names.”

Check back next week for more from Zenobia Book Series 3

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