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Zenobia Book Series #3 Sneak Peek

Zenobia the warrior

Odenathus visits Zenobia and they discuss the life of a warrior.

"...this is the life I have chosen, and it is the life I will live. You have no responsibility for that choice, it is all mine. If I fall in battle, you will have no guilt for that, just as I would have had no guilt if the second lioness had killed you. Naturally, we will do our best to protect our comrades and allies, but we live dangerous lives in an uncertain world. Maybe we can improve the world for future generations. That would be nice. But as warriors we have few guarantees.”

He smiled at her. “Did you learn that in your courses in Alexandria? We could use another philosopher among our warriors.”

She shook her head. “No. I learned it growing up under the constant threat of death if my gender was discovered, and my experiences since then have only reinforced it. I needed no school to teach me uncertainty, and I needed no tutor to convince me that things are far too often not the way they should be. I want to fix injustices! If I die trying, so be it. In my mind, it will still have been worth the effort.”

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