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Queen Zenobia statue in Syria

Who is Zenobia?

Russ Wallace read a short article on Zenobia and was intrigued to know more about her, a true historical figure from the 3rd century. Russ states, "The more I studied her story, the more it seduced me - I wanted to fill it in, to write it. I decided it would require a series of novels to do justice to her saga."

Based on true historical accounts Zenobia did become Queen of Syria and was known as a powerful Warrior Queen who fought with her troops. What we don't know much about is what motivated Zenobia into such a daring act.

Book one, Zenobia – Birth of a Legend, the historical fiction novel Russ Wallace wrote shows Zenobia experiencing many injustices early on in life. Zenobia should have been put to death at birth just because she was a girl. Growing up pretending to be a boy, you can only imagine how this would teach Zenobia how unfair life can be. When Zenobia's true identity is revealed her tribe decides to spare her life because she shows great potential and is skilled in archery. Book one will take you on an adventure through the Syrian Desert, Ancient Tadmor (which is Palmyra, Syria today),the Great Pyramids of Giza, and Alexandria, Egypt. You’ll experience the excitement of lion attacks, archery, horse races, and education with the greatest philosophers.

Most historians agree Zenobia was extremely smart and very beautiful. She spoke many languages and surrounded herself with scholars. As a highly intelligent woman, what would lead her into a life of war and bloodshed?


Wallace answers this in book two, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend. We can read about the events that motivate Zenobia into action. Book two takes place in Alexandria, Egypt. Zenobia is focusing on her education until she experiences heartache. This alters her path from a scholar to a warrior. These events will challenge Zenobia into becoming the deadliest woman who ever lived.

As a great leader Zenobia fought for justice. Today our world is experiencing injustices, especially in Zenobia’s home country of Syria. A novel that not only entertains but motivates us into action is just what we need. It’s time for everyone to learn about this great historical figure in the Zenobia Book Series.



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