Our goal is to continue Zenobia's battle. End injustice for all!
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Have you read Zenobia - Challenging a Legend? Here's what people are saying.

Reviews for Zenobia - Challenging a Legend: Diana rated it 4 of 5 stars "I loved Zenobia's strength and determination, her vulnerability and humanity made her more real to me. The book is lengthy but the pacing made it fly by and the tension filled scenes were very entertaining. Last but not least, the romance was a wonderful addition. I'm a sucker for romance and Zenobia was a passionate individual. I already placed the first book on my to-read list and really enjoyed this story." Bethany rated it 4 of 5 stars "Set immediately after the first book, Challenging A Legend continues to detail Zenobia’s journey to become the strong-willed, charismatic woman history remembers her to be. She learn

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