Our goal is to continue Zenobia's battle. End injustice for all!
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Blogging for Justice celebrates Women's History Month!

The theme for Women's History Month is something we feel very strongly about. "Our History is Our Strength!" The National Women's History Project This is true for Zenobia's story. Her fight against injustices will give us strenght in our fight today. In book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend chapter 27, Zenobia talks about the injustices she experienced as a child. Read the excerpt below: We understand you had to masquerade as a boy growing up. That must have been a challenge.” Zenobia chose to answer directly. “It was offensive.” “Can you elaborate?” “First, I had to pretend to be something I wasn’t. That was oppressive and it robbed me of a measure of freedom. It still irritates me to re

Zenobia visits the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the Zenobia Book Series.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World We're excited the Lighthouse of Alexandria will be rebuilt nearby its original location. This was confirmed in a meeting on May 2015, by members of the Permanent Committee of the Egyptian Antiquities. The Lighthouse plays a major role in the Zenobia Book Series. Zenobia's first visit to the Pharos is in book one, read from the sample chapters: Zenobia - Birth of a Legend Chapter 37 Here's a scene from book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend. Where Zenobia is at the top of the lighthouse with her professor in Chaper 33: They reached the level of the light. Tonight, a burning basin of oil provided the radiance, which

Zenobia commandeers a ship in Zenobia - Challenging a Legend. Guess what we did?

Okay, we didn't do anything as drastic as commendeer the ship but we did cruise the Western Caribbean on the Caribbean Princess. We had lots of fun playing and seeing the sights. Jason and Russ Ruth and Russ at the Mayan ruins in Costa Maya (Jason in the background taking pictures of a howling monkey) Jason and Julie on top of the Mayan ruins in Belize Julie and Russ Russ and Jason on top of the MayanTemple in Belize Ruth at the bottom of the ruins Julie, Jason, and Russ climbing the Mayan ruins A "Little" game of chess in Roatan Jason, Ruth, and Russ on the pier in Roatan A nice dinner with the Zenobia crew and friends Don't worry, It wasn't all play. Russ continued writing book 3 in the Ze

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