Our goal is to continue Zenobia's battle. End injustice for all!
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Zenobia Book Series will be an epic movie - Zenobia the Warrior Queen

We plan on turning the Zenobia Book Series into an epic movie. It has all the elemants to make a blockbuster franchise. Here's a few of the highlights. *To see our full cast visit Zenobia Book Series Cast. Meet our hero Zenobia In Zenobia - Birth of a Legend, Zenobia is raised as a boy to stay alive. When her gender is revealed she saves the life of her mother and herself by proving she is skilled with her bow and arrow. Zenobia is trained as a warrior, which is unheard of in her Syrian tribe. She wants to prove that a woman is just as useful as a man. Meet friend and fellow warrior Salim location, location, location Tadmor (modern day Palmyra, Syria) is a thriving desert oasis Zenobia trave

Support Women in Film. Vote for your favorite Twilightstories now!

Calling all Twilight Fans Have you heard? New Twilight films are available to obsess over and watch online. Stephenie Meyer had a contest using her beloved characters from the Twilight Saga. The goal was to find new and talented women in the movie industry. It started with fans voting on which characters most interested them. Alice was an obvious favorite. The next stage of the contest was for screenwriters to write about those characters. The judges read through lots of entries and picked out their favorites. (Mine didn't make the cut.) The fans then were able to vote from those chosen. The next step the directors gave a pitch on why they should be the one to make winning scripts into short

14 reasons WHY I wish I was in Southern California this weekend:

1. Party with That’s Normal (instead I'll be following the #TNSDCC, living vicariously through them.) 2. Go to Comic Con. (If I could ever get tickets. One day I’ll win the Comic Con lottery. ) 3. I’d attend the panel for the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot. (Wonder Woman is a superhero I grew up wishing I could be like.) 4. Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailer. J.J. Abrams is sure to have a big reveal. 5. Support female superheroes at the Super girl panel

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