Our goal is to continue Zenobia's battle. End injustice for all!
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"Son of War, Daughter of Chaos" by Janette Rallison - Egypt, love, family, adventure, and a Princes

Geode Press our publishing company focuses on Historical Fiction but I want to share some recent reads I think you'll find interesting. "Son of War, Daughter of Chaos." is an Egyptian Mythology fantasy/paranormal story happening today. Its young adult but I feel all ages will be intrigued by the exciting adventure it takes you on. Ever since reading "Zenobia - Birth of a Legend" I' m interested in everything Egypt. In "Zenobia - Birth of a Legend " they travel to Alexandria, Egypt and Zenobia visits the Great Pyramids. In book two, "Zenobia - Challenging a Legend " will also take place in Egypt. "Son of War, Daughter of Chaos" isn't historical like Zenobia's story but I believe the Egyptian

Get to know some of the other characters from the Zenobia Book Series, A Young Adult Novel

We previously introduced you to Zenobia from the Zenobia Book Series. ICYMI, here’s the blog on Who is Zenobia…!Who-is-Zenobia-Meet-our-main-character-in-the-Young-Adult-Historical-Adventure-series/c1vyu/31BBB703-938E-44B8-9FE5-67D0896125BD Now get to know some of the other characters in the Zenobia Book Series. If we were casting the Zenobia movie today we’d love to get some of these actors and actress to play the part but of course we could never afford them. This is just a way to give you a visual idea of what these characters might look like. A very important character in the Zenobia Book Series is Zelina. It was Zelina’s quick thinking that spared Zeno

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