Our goal is to continue Zenobia's battle. End injustice for all!
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Super Sale! For a limited time get the Award Winning book one, Zenobia - Birth of a Legend, 50% off

Award Winning book one Zenobia - Birth of a Legend In anticipation of book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend coming out soon, here's your chance to read the AWARD WINNING Zenobia-Birth of a Legend, book one in the Zenobia Book Series. Catch up on the early years of Zenobia's story. Learn what turn of events start her on the path of seeking justice. Experience what life is like in 3rd century Syria and Egypt. Go with Zenobia as she learns and grows while visiting some of the Wonders of the World. Don't miss out on book one in the Zenobia Book Series while it's half off. BUY NOW

Who is Zenobia? Meet our main character in the Young Adult Historical Adventure series

(This actress captures the determination of Zenobia. ) Here's a little bio about the character Zenobia : Zenobia – Born in the Syrian desert; Educated in Alexandria, Egypt. Physical description: eyes were captivating almost like they sparkled, strikingly beautiful, black long hair to the middle of her back, soft brown skin appeared flawless. Multi-national- Ptolemaic, Grecian, Egyptian, Arabic. Traits: strong love of justice, analytical mind, impetuous, doesn’t like jewelry, prefers weapons to materialistic things, critical thinker, military and political genius, scheming, calculating, deadliest woman who ever lived. More to come on other great characters that make up this extrodinary serie

Let me introduce myself and the Zenobia Book Series crew

Here I am as Zenobia the warrior queen at a writer’s conference protagonist ball. Of course I dressed up as my favorite character. One of the many fun things I do while promoting the Zenobia Book Series. I wanted to introduce myself so you can put a face behind these blogs you read. I guess you can call me the website hostess. I run the website, blog, and help promote the Zenobia Book Series. My self-appointed title is Promotion Coordinator. My name is Julie. This is my dream job promoting great novels like the Zenobia Book Series. I’m an avid reader and have a personal blog for my book reviews. From time to time I will share some of my reviews on here. While promoting the Zenobia Book Serie

Zenobia Book Series, a Young Adult Historical Adventure

Daring, Dynamic, and Deadly is just a few ways to describe Zenobia the warrior queen who conquered Egypt and challenged Rome. Brilliant and beautiful is also how Zenobia is know. She carried the greatest female military mind in history. The Zenobia book series will span her entire life from her birth to when her love of justice brought her into conflict with the strongest empire on earth- Rome. The Zenobia book series is a Young Adult Historical Adventure but it will appeal to all ages. If you like superheroes you will find Zenobia's fight for justice heroic. You'll experience many wonders of the ancient world first hand. The Zenobia book series will take you on a great adventure. Book one,

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