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Get to know some of the other characters from the Zenobia Book Series, A Young Adult Novel

We previously introduced you to Zenobia from the Zenobia Book Series.

ICYMI, here’s the blog on Who is Zenobia…

Now get to know some of the other characters in the Zenobia Book Series.

If we were casting the Zenobia movie today we’d love to get some of these actors and actress to play the part but of course we could never afford them. This is just a way to give you a visual idea of what these characters might look like.

A very important character in the Zenobia Book Series is Zelina. It was Zelina’s quick thinking that spared Zenobia’s life. She risked her own life to save her daughters.


Jennifer Lopez would play a sexy but smart Zelina.

Sheik Zabba is the leader of the Syrian tribe. Like most leaders, he’s autocratic and a dictator. He's Zenobia's father.


Russell Crowe could play a powerful Sheik in the Zenobia movie.

Cam is a warrior and the Sheik’s right-hand man. He’s powerful and wise and a deadly archer who’s seen many battles. He trains Zenobia turning her into a warrior.

Sheik Zabbi.jpg

James Purefoy has starred in many great historical parts and Cam would be another great one.

Salim is training as a warrior in the Syrian tribe. He is 4yrs older than Zenobia and befriends her.


Taylor Lautner is already skilled at playing the best friend in the Twilight Saga. We think he’d be remarkable as a warrior and Zenobia’s BFF.

Shanzar is a Syrian warrior trainee and Salim’s friend. He’s also a great cook.

Kellan Lutz.jpg

Kellan Lutz is another Twilight cast member that would play a sturdy warrior.

Brutus is stationed in Tadmor, Syria and has been the archery champion for the last five years. He’s a warrior in the Roman garrison. He not only thinks Zenobia is a beautiful girl but he’s awed by her archery skills.

Laim Hemsworth as GALE.jpg

Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games has shown he’d make an extraordinary Roman warrior.

Senator Odenathus is a leader in Tadmor and chief of the army. Early on he takes an interest in Zenobia. He’s extremely impressed with her desire to not only be a warrior but to be well educated.

ben affleck.jpg

Ben Affleck is distinguished looking and would play a great world leader.

Dionysius Longinus is a professor in Alexandria, Egypt. Most days you will find him teaching in his white toga and sandals. He’s known as a walking encyclopedia. The first day Zenobia steps into his classroom he’s at a loss for words. She truly is the most extraordinary girl he has ever met.


Zachary Levi plays an impressive geek in “Chuck” which I think Longinus could have been considered a bit nerdy in his days.

There you have it, some of the principle players in the Zenobia Book Series.

We'll introduce you to more characters and some from Zenobia - Challenging a Legnd, book two in the series.

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