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ZENOBIA BOOK SERIES - Historical Adventure Series on Zenobia the Warrior Queen

I love finding artists’ depiction of Zenobia to see how they portray what she might have looked like.

"Zenobia was described as beautiful and intelligent. She had a dark complexion, her teeth were pearly white, she had black bright eyes that sparkled, and had a beautiful face. Zenobia had a strong and melodic voice and many charms. Zenobia was well educated and knew Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian, and Latin. She was very interested in history and the works of Homer, Plato, and other writers from Greece. She also enjoyed hunting animals and drinking."

These pictures remind me of a scene in book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend; Zenobia has disguised herself as a sensuous servant to get close to her enemies. Here's the scene from Zenobia - Challenging a Legend Chapter 62:

She rose and bowed deeply before him. “Thank you, my lord, and now, I enjoyed the things you showed me and taught me today, so I brought a gift for you.” She bowed again. She disappeared through the curtains and spoke with the musicians… the music began, a soft, enchanting lilt, and she danced out from the curtains, barefoot. Her dance was gorgeously seductive, as she moved slowly emphasizing her hip and torso.

When she finished, she came to him and sat close. Her eyes sparkled intensely.

He brought out his own gift. "You appreciate fine adornments. I suspect you may like this," he said in understatement. He handed her a fine leather bag.

All eyes were on her as she opened the bag and removed a necklace. She held it up to the light. Her mouth open but she was speechless. A couple of the women gasped. "It is gold of course" he remarked, "but the gems are blue sapphire, very rare. It goes with your gown."


Russ Wallace plans a seven book series spanning Zenobia's entire life from birth to when her love of justice brings her into conflict with the strongest empire on earth - Rome.


Book one in now available. BUY NOW

Young Zenobia dreams of becoming a warrior, a serious problem for a girl born into a male-dominated desert tribe. She has been forced to hide her gender to preserve her life. Her deception is unmasked, leading to an incredible turn of events.

Her wise mother envisions a different life for her daughter - that of a scholar - and takes her to Egypt for an education. Here a conflict of desires surges in Zenobia, for she finds that she loves both paths. As she feeds an emerging hunger for justice, the stirrings of a future political and strategic genius begin to manifest themselves. Growing into young womanhood, Zenobia feels an awakening attraction to two very different males - a vibrant young warrior from her own tribe and a brilliant bachelor scholar whose analytical mind cannot help from feeling romantically drawn to the most intriguing female he has ever met.

Meanwhile, Zenobia learns of the annual horse race in Alexandria. She decides to enter her powerful mare against the highly-bred stallions of the East. The power of a legend influences the surprising course of the contest to its thundering conclusion.



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