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"Zenobia will never fall." Ancient Tadmor, modern day Palmyra, Syria is being threatened.

I enjoy pictures and learning about Tadmor (modern day Palmyra, Syria) because of the Zenobia Book Series. Recently, the ancient ruins of Palmyra are being threatened by war.

Hidden in the desert, Palmyra is one of the world's most well preserved historic sites.

Photograph by Annie Griffiths Belt

"Caravans bearing perfumes from Arabia, spices and rare woods from India, and silk from China passed through the colonnaded streets of Palmyra in the Syrian desert, its ruins bearing witness to one of the greatest crossroads of the empire. ... Roman forces sacked Palmyra in A.D. 273 after its powerful queen Zenobia challenged imperial rule. Her captors supposedly led her into Rome on a golden chain." —Text from "The World According to Rome," August 1997, National Geographic magazine

(Photographed on assignment for, but not published in, "Lawrence of Arabia: A Hero’s Journey," January 1999, National Geographic magazine)


Zenobia knew the sadness of war in 3rd century Syria. She battled against the injustices of her world. Once again her homeland is experiencing turmoil.

Joseph Eid/Agence FrancePresse-Getty Images

An article in the NY Times quoted the "Grandchildren of Zenobia" and they proudly professed,

"Zenobia will never fall."

My heart is with the people of Syria. I hope to visit Palmyra someday and walk the roads where Zenobia lived and ruled. Protect her people and their history.

Zenobia Book Series tells the story of her courageous life.

Book one, Zenobia – Birth of a Legend is now available BUY

Book two, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend will be released soon

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