August is for lovers

This month Zenobia Book Series is focusing on all things love

Aug 7th is National Lighthouse Day

Read from book one, Zenobia – Birth of a Legend in chapter 37 or click here Sample Chapters

Zenobia visits the Pharos of Alexandria,"The worlds first know Lighthouse" and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Also, in this scene Zenobia is being flirtatious with Salim.

Zenobia Book Series visit the Alexandria  lighthouse

Aug 9th National Book Lovers day

Top 10 ways to enjoy National Book Lovers Day

1. Visit your local library

Zenobia Book Series

2. Reread an old favorite

Zenobia Book Series

3. Drop some literary references

Zenobia Book Series

4. Get a new bookshelf

Zenobia Book Series

5. Give the gift of reading

Zenobia Book Series

6. Hit up a literary haunt

7. Host your own book club

Zenobia Book Series

I’d like to host my own book club one day but for now I’ve joined That’s Normal’s Boozy Book Club. Check them out they are a fun group.

8. Host a book lovers party!

Zenobia Book Series

They suggest a party where everyone dresses up as their favorite character in a book.

I want to do this. Who’s in?

9. Contact your favorite living author

Zenobia Book Series author Russ Wallace

Get to know Russ Wallace my favorite author. Outside of writing an epic historical novel, Russ Wallace has many other interests and hobbies. Reading is one of them. He reads all kinds of genres. He loves to read and study the bible.

One thing people may not know about him — since the Zenobia Book Series is an adventurous historical drama — Russ loves humor. You might even consider him an amateur stand-up comedian. Whenever opportunity allows he loves to share this talent. Russ’s wife Ruth says when they are on a cruise, Russ enjoys doing his stand-up comedy gig on talent night.

Russ is a great gardener and landscaper- wherever he lives you are sure to find lots of trees, plants, and flowers all around.

Not only is Russ planning a seven book series for Zenobia, he has another historical fiction series on the back burner, and plans to write a diet book to share his knowledge of health and fitness. Visit our Contact page

10. Donate

Zenobia Book Series

Zenobia Book Series plans to donate copies of book one, Zenobia – Birth of a Legend to a girls home and a local school in hopes it will inspire and entertain.

For National Book Lovers Day, pick up a copy of Zenobia – Birth of a Legend

In book one, you’ll Journey through the Syrian Desert, Ancient Tadmor (which is Palmyra, Syria today), the Great Pyramids of Giza, and visit Alexandria, Egypt in the 3rd century; Experience the adventure of lion attacks, archery, horse races, and education with some of the greatest philosophers. YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. BUY NOW!

Zenobia Book Series