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The much anticipated book two in the Zenobia Book Series is finally here!

“How, O Zenobia, hast thou dared to insult Roman emperors?” -Aurelian, 44th Emperor of the Roman Empire

In the Zenobia Book Series you'll learn about the Warrior Queen who conqured Egypt and Challenged Rome. In book two, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend we find out what motivates her into action.

We have all kinds of exciting things happening for the release of Zenobia - Challenging a Legend.

First, a special promotion is available on our websites and

Buy book two and receive book one for FREE! Click on shop

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Today is our Facebook Launch party at 6pm MST. Click here to go to event page:

If you can't make it, no problem, we have lots of prizes and free giveaways happening all month:

Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour Nov 14th- 30th:

Loving the Book Tour Event November 15th - November 21st at:

Another way to win a FREE copy of book two is enter the GoodReads giveaway

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