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Celebrate National Women's History Month and International Women's Day!

"Our History is Our Strength!" - The National Women's History Project

National Women’s History Month 2017

"Writing Women back into history." -

Celebrating women in History- Meet Zenobia.

Brilliant and beautiful, ZENOBIA carried the greatest female military mind in history. Inspiring to people of all ages, Zenobia uses the skills of both a warrior and a queen to fight against injustice. The Zenobia Book Series spans her entire life from her birth to when her love of justice brought her into conflict with the strongest empire on earth - Rome.

Book one, ZENOBIA- Birth of a Legend, traces Zenobia’s life from age nine to fifteen, setting the stage for her amazing rise to power. It includes the beginning of her legend and her budding romance.

Book two, ZENOBIA - Challenging a Legend, the dynamic girl continues her education in Egypt, for a time she is diverted from her warrior path.

Learning of a slave trade in kidnapped young women, Zenobia determines to free the oppressed. Warrior skills will not be enough - her new challenge - to become a pirate, then a temptress in her fight for justice.

Join with us as we celebrate all month the many accomplishments women have made over the years.

International Women's Day (March 8)

We're giving everyone a chance to read Zenobia's amazing story by offering both ebooks in the Zenobia Book Series for FREE at

International Women's Day

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