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"Talk like A Pirate Day" with Zenobia.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

In celebration of "Talk Like a Pirate Day," we're sharing a scene from book two. Zenobia is considering how to commandeering a ship to save young girls being sold into sex slavery.

Chapter 43 in

Zenobia - Challenging a Legend:

“Hasshel has a ship carrying kidnapped young girls who are to be sold as slaves.” She paused to read Jasmine’s expression and was gratified to see the older woman’s eyes flash with anger. She continued simply, “I want to take it!”

“Of course you do,” Jasmine responded. “I saw that in your eyes.” She took a deep breath and said, “I will help.”

“How do I do it?” It was clear to her that she had another ally, at least for this mission.

“When does it sail? And which ship is it?”

“In three days. Your partner told me I was to be one of the captives. We know the vessel.”

Jasmine considered the options. “You could capture it here in the harbor, but I think that would be too high a risk for several reasons. First, the place is crawling with Roman sailors. Second, there are too many chances that someone would see or hear your attack and report it.

It would be far safer to take the ship in the open sea. What kind of vessel is it, and how large?”

Zenobia was not pleased about sharing the information, but she did not see another choice. “It is a coaster, about forty cubits long.”

“That is helpful. Coasters usually anchor for the night, so you might be able to do a sneak attack. You would want to make your assault early in the morning when the watch tends to be less alert. In any case, you will need a ship, a fast one, to overtake it. Thus, you are going to have to hire the ship, and you need a captain/owner who’s willing to engage in an act of piracy.”

“I don’t consider capturing a slave ship to be piracy.”

Jasmine smiled. “Call it what you wish, maiden, but the authorities would consider it piracy, and they execute pirates for it. I recommend you do not get caught.”

Zenobia as a pirate

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