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Tuesday Teaser: Zenobia Book Series 3

Zenobia's armor has gone missing, but will that stop her from joining her troops for battle? Read the Tuesday Teaser to find out.

Zenobia in a Calvary war

“I see your weapons, but where is your armor, sister?” Itai asked.

She had only an arm shield. She shrugged and answered, “It seems to have gone missing.” The men within hearing murmured at this.

“In that case, you will fight alongside myself and Jarmin.” Seeing her facial expression he added in a tone that left no room for dissent, “That is an order, warrior, and it is in the interests of Tadmor that you obey it. Do not leave our sides! Do you accept that?”

She hesitated and then gave a slight bow of her head. “With reluctance, I do accept it.”


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